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HSI_1002 Effective Presentation Skills

In order to convince a customer to buy they need to be sold on your hotel and why they should choose your property instead of a competing facility. This course is made up of 3 separate lessons and covers all the skills of presenting the hotel to a prospective customer. In this course you will learn skills such as how to use the information that was uncovered when qualifying. You will learn about Features and Benefits; the differences between the two and how to use them. Also addressed are tips to create and then implement an effective presentation. You will also gain ideas on how to create an effective Food and Beverage Presentation. The skill of using of Trial Closes is covered. Also included is how to handle the situation of dealing with early questions on pricing as well as the important topic of selling against the competition. At the conclusion of this course you will have a great foundation of skills needed to be able to develop and implement a great presentation that will convince your hotel is the only choice for their needs.