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HSI_1004 Overcoming Objections to Win the Sale

With today’s competitive environment most sales people are competing with other hotels to win the sale. Having the ability to successfully overcome objections is essential in order to avoid losing business to aggressive competitors. This course is made up of 3 separate lessons and covers all the skills necessary to respond effectively to an objection. You will learn the following in this course: The different reasons that customers object and how this impacts the strategy chosen to overcome the concern. We break down the steps to respond to an objection, making the process easier to go through so you have a “system” to successfully resolve the concern. You will learn about nine different strategies to consider using when responding to an objection, depending upon the situation. When dealing with price objections due to budget you will gain ideas on how to respond. Other topics include: how to maintain a win-win solution as well as the importance of Price Integrity as well as how and why to maintain it. In addition you will learn about how to deal with objections due to the competition’s pricing and also what to do before moving on to the Close. Upon completing this course you will have a strong foundation of understanding the steps to follow to overcome a concern and will have a variety of strategies that you can implement and deploy to resolve the objection and win the sale.