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HSI_1006 Sales Leadership: Handling Group Inquiries for the GM and Front Desk

For hotels that do not have a sales staff to handle group inquires it is important that the person who handles the inquiry have a fundamental knowledge of the sales process. This course is designed for hotels where the General Manager and the Front Desk Agents field phone calls from customers for group business or negotiated transient rate business. The course offers all the fundamental of the sales process that will help the GM and Front Desk team handle inquiries in a highly professional manner. Made up of 3 separate lessons you will learn what the Steps of the Sales Process are and how they interact with each other. Also covered are the basics of effective Qualifying and what types of questions should be asked with handling the inquiry. You will also learn how to effectively present the hotel through features and benefits in order to outsell the competition and how to convey price value before the client hears the pricing. Also covered are the important Closing skills in order to finalize the sale. We also review the importance of effective follow-up including proposals and contracts. Upon completing this course you will be highly prepared to take a sales approach to inquiries and to be able to outsell the competition to book the business.