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HSI_1007 Selling to the Eastern Wedding Market

Eastern Weddings, also referred to as Indian Weddings, is a growing market segment that can provide significant revenue for a hotel. Many hotels would like to gain more of this business. This course will assist you in selling to this very lucrative market. It is made up of 3 lessons and will educate you on the special nuances of selling to an Indian Wedding market. You will learn the special terminology, customs, and the typical space requirement needs for this segment. Also addressed are the 3 different sects that make up the Eastern Wedding Market including: Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim. You will gain knowledge on the special needs of the Eastern Wedding Market in general. The courses reviews the special considerations that a sales person needs to be aware of before committing space to an inquiry. You will also learn the specific customs and will obtain an overview of the beliefs of each of the individual religious sect. Some are the same for each sect while others are very distinct. The course provides an explanation of the various traditions, and ceremonies for each of the religious sects and the associated requirements which the hotel would need in order to be able to book the business. It also covers the logistical issues to be aware of such as the use of fire, the Baraat, gender issues, and prayer rooms. There are also tips in terms of negotiations and in issues relating to specific food and beverage needs. If this is a market that a hotel is interested in pursuing, this course will give you all the tools necessary in order to increase your revenue.