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HSI_1008 Selling to the Jewish Market

For hotels who wish to build business from the Jewish Market, this is a perfect course for you. This market segment can be a tremendous source of both catering and room night business. There are many things to be aware of when selling to this segment. The better your knowledge, the more effectively you can target and sell to this segment and book more business as a result. This course consists of 3 lessons and in it you will learn about the customs and traditions for the Jewish wedding market including the details of the pre-ceremony celebrations and the different vocabulary and customs associated with the weddings. You will gain great insight in regards to various aspects of the wedding including the ceremony procession, special set-up requirements, special seating arrangements and things to consider with the transition from the wedding to the reception. You will gain a strong understanding of bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs as well as the unique customs and etiquette associated with them. Areas include details on the Shabbat, the Haftorah, the seudat mitzvah and the special space requirements associated with it. You will also learn about the various customs relating to things such as the yarmulkes and the ceremonial cutting of the challah bread as well as the special candle lighting ceremony. An important aspect of selling to this market is understanding the definition of kosher food is, and common misconceptions that can often occur. Also covered are the specific kosher laws regarding meat, as well as the laws regarding poultry, fruit, and vegetables. We will review the important rules regarding the serving and eating of meat and dairy. Also discussed are the guidelines in creating a kosher food service environment and items to be aware of when working with kosher caterers and outside food resource options. We will also give you some ideas on how to build more bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah business. Upon completion of this course, you will better understand and relate to customers in this segment and as a result, be more effective in building rapport and relationships with them, thus gaining their confidence to book their event with you.