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HSI_1011 Prospecting: Digging for Gold

It is important for hotels to have the ability to replace one time and lost pieces of business. This is done via prospecting and direct sales. Therefore, it is essential for sales people to have great prospecting skills. This very comprehensive course covers in detail through 7 separate lessons all the aspects of setting the stage for a successful prospecting effort, and then implementing and tracking results. This course will fully prepare a sales person to have great prospecting skills. You will learn the following in this course. Laying the Groundwork for Success in prospecting. We will cover The Sales Cycle as well as the Sales Funnel and how to ensure the sales funnel works in a productive manner. Also addressed are the common obstacles that a sales person is faced with when prospecting and how to deal with them. These obstacles include: Call Reluctance, Getting through the Gatekeeper and Voicemail. You will also learn about the importance of the use of script guidelines including what they are, how to create them and how to use them. We will explain how to use of a hook to capture the prospect’s attention and the components needed to make it effective. We also list Resources for a salesperson to prospect from, as well as ideas I on how to use the internet as a resource. You will also gain insight on when to use and not use cold calls and tips on cold calling. Lastly you will learn how to establish and track goals and productivity to ensure you not only have a great prospecting effort in place, but one that is producing results.